We Are One

You're like an unsheathed sword whose blade has countless nicks

It glistens with blood, encroached by rust

A half broken blade with a lethal crack

You give into fear unable to face your grief

You turn away from love in utter disbelief 

You'd rather die lonely in the cold

Than be refined by hammer under fire

You are but a days end away from being thin as wire 

You are one rain drop away from snapping in two

I was to be a sheath to you

to support, guard and be one with you

To let your jagged edges rest in my spirit

To be refined by the fire in my soul 

Forgive me for my absence

I fell at the wayside of pride

Shrouded in ego

Encumbered by unconscious paradigms

With the image of God created in me

I should have known the power of your femininity 

All that it is gave meaning to my masculinity 

For out of man you came to be

Now all of you lives inside of me

We are whole and complete and lacking nothing 

Having been made one in each other

We have become as lightning and thunder 

At the hand of love 

We are one because of the other

Fears labyrinth 

She’s a walking masquerade stuck behind many different faces trying to find the right one to replace the one that shows her pain

Her beautiful light dimmed by her inner fears, stricken by remnants of pain well rooted in her memories

Tears swallowed with shots of resentment, manipulation of the many are her due recompense

She knows he loves her, she knows he cares but the last time she thought it was love it was a joke

her countenance broke when the truth hit her 

Showered her in melancholy and left her with a life long memory of him 

Her light was dimmed by the darkness of turmoil, her plans foiled by inner confusion

Illusions plague her road to sanity

Gripped by despair unable to rid herself from calamities chains she mindlessly wonders in circles around her broken heart in search of it’s missing pieces

Pieces clinched in the fists of her past

Unconscious chains tangled in the weeds of her insecurities 

Notions of a forever make her cringe

The fear of vulnerability cripples her ability to trust 

What cannot be controlled must be done away with 

Trapped in a labyrinth of deception 

Mirrors with false reflections 

A hell for those who have eyes but still are too blind to see

The Black Rose


The bitter consequences of
a love unrequited spawn the cold resentments resonating the chorus of destruction
The fatal blow manifests in romancing infidelity
advancing immature relations whisper
pain and distrust corrupt the depths of ones vulnerability
Constantly filling the cracks of broken hearts with pitiful fallacies
The substance of emotional inequity linger dreadfully
Reality perverted by strange complexities masquerading love
Inhibit the ability to function fearlessly
Defeat cascades upon your body as violently as fire engulfs a dead tree
A plea to be released from the torment of false charity
Denying the evidence you wish you ought not have seen
Now everything seems much harder to believe
Now all you do seems to leave you more empty
Longing for what seems lost
Accosted by insecurity
Irrational doubt plays its hand
An enigma surreptitiously searching
To corrupt and decay
After all is said and done the black rose is all that remains

Man On The Moon


I was the dweller of the moon
Alone I looked down lovingly upon you
I peered down into your heart
I saw your desires your most secret thoughts and felt why you cried
Suddenly the center of me came alive
It reached out across the night longing to wipe your eyes
I grimaced as the pieces of your heart scattered across the skies
I patiently collected each piece with you in mind wondering how to make your pain subside
I decided to replace your heart with mine so in time you’ll learn that
Love done wrong may hurt for the moment
But love done right heals for a lifetime
For yesterday I was just a dweller of the moon and today I’m now a man who fell from the moon and into love with you



Without consent without desire
My heart fell in my heart caught fire
Without a care without concern
My heart stayed there it felt good to feel it burn
Consumed entangled and engulfed
It craved nothing because the burn was good enough
Passion filled hypnotism
Surpassed all doubts ignored all criticism
It never mattered how far you were
I was only concerned with how you were
Which is why it was no problem to give to you
This heart of mine as a gift so true
I wish I were able to give a light to her
That always leads her right back to how we were
When I first fell in love with her
Her in love with me
We were each others celebrity
So we celebrated love for weeks
That turned to months which created years
Fears we didn’t have them
Tears we didn’t shed them
We knew all was for the better
So we got better and made it through
This was the dream I had for me and you
But I made our love a masquerade
Hid my face behind a mask
I hid my love cloaked in shade
Put it in a case and locked it up with no escape
I made sure it was in a place you’d never find
Out of side is out of mind
Now the realest truth I’ll ever know is
That your love became my greatest foe
It beat me bare down to my bone
Snatched the light right out my soul
I yearned and howled to be loosed
I feared my resort lied in a noose
The pain and aches your love gave
Sent me spiraling towards my grave
Nightmares now opress my dreams
Midnight sweats awake midbreath screams
Lonely tears full of pain and fears
Shut down my love slowed all it’s gears
The evolution of my misery
Was not a quiet profound mystery
It came ever so slow ever so prominent
I was naive it was my bed I chose to lie in it
The day you let yourself give up on us
Became the night that love crucified the trust
High upon the cross for love
No ground below no sky above
There was no knowledge of what this meant
Just the pain left over from loves abandonment
I died that moment high in suspension
A victim of the pain from loves crucifiction..

I Used To Feel You Close To Me


The light in your eyes has vanished
What once was so brilliant now turned to a dull glimmer
I used to feel you close to me from miles away
Now I can’t reach you and you are but a few fabrics distance
Lonely is what I feel
Abandoned and unwanted as I strip myself naked to be closer to you
Further and more quiet your presence is
Purposely separating yourself from me rips me to pieces
Could my garments be the reason
You don’t love me anymore
Have I stayed clothed too long for you to be naked with me now

I sit on one side of a room full of strangers hoping you keep me company
You don’t notice me
My heart shutters at this subtle rejection
I will myself to come near you
You say no words
My presence seems to burden you somehow
I’m cut by your failure to comfort me
I’m but a man in love with a woman whose words say she loves me
I’m but a man trying to connect with a woman who refuses to connect with me

We lay here in silence like strangers sharing a lodge
I attempt to reach you but to no avail
My heart breaks and sleep evades me
Tell me God how do I renew myself in her
Tell me if this is right and I’m not wrong for reaching
I wonder what you’re thinking woman
About me about us about this
Are you even thinking about me at all

My tears fall in my spirit
Underneath my smile beneath my kind eyes
I sob from loneliness
Cries you may never notice
I am but a child in love
With no one to nurture me
My sorrow ceases not
Only when you return
Only when my love returns
I used to feel you close to me.

This Was Love


good moments blind you binding your heart to love In the past
Love since gone wrong and unnoticed chip away at your confidence
Unorthodox sunspenses confuse your emotional senses
Now your afraid and you’re building emotional fences
You’re fencing against the tender warrior with your impeccable defenses
Missing out on a love that’ll elevate your senses
Senseless this defense is
The reward of vulnerability is priceless
Love is a gift without recompense
It isn’t for rent, lease, or anything to play with
These words were my sentiment
To the ones who were heartbroken and hopeless
Your plight in defending had only one ending
Absolute solitude and emotional dissonance
The reason is you tried love but when it tried you back you couldn’t handle the storm the season let in
Wondering where those blissful moments went
Has left your heart and mind on different sides of an immovable fence
Differences unsettled you
Moved you to do things you thought you’d never do
It seemed your love was incredible unshakable
The feeling it brought made you believe it was unmistakable
Bright days now eclipsed by whimsical notions of forever
An outstretched hand with nothing to hold on to
A tear scared face with no hope to look up to
The thoughts ask you where this came from
The voice of your mind whispers
This was love