Love is…

Love is the only thing that you can still have after you’ve given it all away. When you allow it to flow through you freely, sincerely, without polluting it with selfish desires, it leaves itself behind like a residue. It permanently marks your soul as a gift of appreciation, transforming you into a physical manifestationContinue reading “Love is…”


As I journeyed into the wilderness looking for you I encountered amazing internal treasures roaming in the solitude They were like flower beds of silver and gold They were like trees of life that never grew old They were still like the earth but powerful too They were soft like silk Sweet like honey andContinue reading “Treasure”


I dreamt you manifested in an oasis A beautiful place of peace where I could be naked  A place where it was just God and you Wrapped in the transparency of truth  Where your sun warmed me with its fire Dancing passions of romance   Vast joys of ocean blues  I dreamt that In the momentContinue reading “Oasis “

“Wrapped up, tangled up, all tied up in toxic masculinity “

We have all heard the cliches about men when it comes to emotional communication. We have heard them so much that now it’s widely accepted that men just aren’t emotional. That notion is false, we are very emotional, expressing emotions that render us vulnerable or what some consider “feminine” is something that we just haven’tContinue reading ““Wrapped up, tangled up, all tied up in toxic masculinity “”

Faith 101 

God establishes your faith You find yourself drawn into some church on some odd Sunday because one of your friends or family members “dragged” or “pressured” you to go. You say ok and you go expecting church to be what you’ve always heard about, full of acts and phonies. Some how though, the worship seemsContinue reading “Faith 101 “

Love By Design

I left home to find you Search your soul tend to your scars Time beckoned me You and I aren’t too far apart So let the frequency of your energy sing to me Bring me gently into your captivity And when I find you Allow me to surrender my entirety Continue to entice me andContinue reading “Love By Design”


Most times Id rather be making love to you unapologetically but it’s the power of my tongue that loves to whisper ecstasy through the sacred gates of your femininity Patient in the exploration into the depths of your intensities by drowning in your Atlantis Sometimes I stare at you like my prey in the wildContinue reading “Unapologetically”