The Bedrock of Faithfulness

I was gifted some wonderful insight on relationship health when it comes to doing your part to remain faithful; not just physically, but in an emotional and mental capacity too. The most important part of that insight is to first and always remain grateful for the love-romance relationship you have, because without gratitude you removeContinue reading “The Bedrock of Faithfulness”

Love is…

Love is the only thing that you can still have after you’ve given it all away. When you allow it to flow through you freely, sincerely, without polluting it with selfish desires, it leaves itself behind like a residue. It permanently marks your soul as a gift of appreciation, transforming you into a physical manifestationContinue reading “Love is…”

The Urgency of Self-love

The Urgency of Self-love  It’s a new era in this generation called “millennials”, the tech generation, the free spirits, and the “self-loved”. I am 100% pro learning to love yourself, I would love to see everyone who I cross energy with to experience the peace and joy that accompanies self-love, however, I think many peopleContinue reading “The Urgency of Self-love”

This Began as a Letter 

I find joy in writing my affections to you.Transforming you into marvels of distant galaxies where the suns are blazing blue and the skies are lovely and crystal clear. I am in awe, feeling you as a force of nature where just one look at you moves me like an earthquake and my emotions rushContinue reading “This Began as a Letter “

Love Therapy

Couples who have been together for a while, and new partners wondering how to make it last, love has revolutions that must be completed. There will come a time when you must go deep as one determined unit, past transgressions and inadvertent wounds to rediscover the magic and essence of your individual couplehood. Destroy &Continue reading “Love Therapy”


As I journeyed into the wilderness looking for you I encountered amazing internal treasures roaming in the solitude They were like flower beds of silver and gold They were like trees of life that never grew old They were still like the earth but powerful too They were soft like silk Sweet like honey andContinue reading “Treasure”

“Wrapped up, tangled up, all tied up in toxic masculinity “

We have all heard the cliches about men when it comes to emotional communication. We have heard them so much that now it’s widely accepted that men just aren’t emotional. That notion is false, we are very emotional, expressing emotions that render us vulnerable or what some consider “feminine” is something that we just haven’tContinue reading ““Wrapped up, tangled up, all tied up in toxic masculinity “”

Let’s be outlaws, partners in crime Let’s piss this country off by stepping out of the white lines Let’s make a little more than noise when we open our mouths Let’s make them acknowledge our voice Until we are free in this land let’s stand and be brave Let’s be outlaws even if they chaseContinue reading

The Importance of Humility in Relationships

If you are humble in your relationship your mistakes will eventually bring you wisdom and your temporary discomforts will eventually make you more patient. Life is matter of perception and a humble mind knows that perfection isn’t real to us, it’s a deception that causes us to feel inadequate despite our insatiable desire and effortContinue reading “The Importance of Humility in Relationships”