“Wrapped up, tangled up, all tied up in toxic masculinity “

We have all heard the cliches about men when it comes to emotional communication. We have heard them so much that now it’s widely accepted that men just aren’t emotional. That notion is false, we are very emotional, expressing emotions that render us vulnerable or what some consider “feminine” is something that we just haven’tContinue reading ““Wrapped up, tangled up, all tied up in toxic masculinity “”

Let’s be outlaws, partners in crime Let’s piss this country off by stepping out of the white lines Let’s make a little more than noise when we open our mouths Let’s make them acknowledge our voice Until we are free in this land let’s stand and be brave Let’s be outlaws even if they chaseContinue reading

We Are One

You’re like an unsheathed sword whose blade has countless nicks It glistens with blood, encroached by rust A half broken blade with a lethal crack You give into fear unable to face your grief You turn away from love in utter disbelief  You’d rather die lonely in the cold Than be refined by hammer underContinue reading “We Are One”