The Workshops

Find me in the workshops of your mind

Building love on the foundation of your treasures

Feed me the bread of your devotion 

May you live in every part of me forever 

Quench my thirst with the wine of your lips

Allow me to revel in the inebriation of your touch 

Clinch your fist into my flesh 

Sink your teeth into my chest

Wrap your desire around my waist 

Plunge me deeper into your embrace

Lets dance in rhythmic energy

Let your eyes whisper the passions trapped inside by the necklace of my masculinity 

Burn me with the heat of your vibrating soul 

Ignite me 

Combine me with your femininity 

Emerge me

So should I find you in the dining room of our romance

Enticed by the fragrance of wine 

Feasting at the delicacies we made 

Enjoying the treasures of our love

I will remember the time spent in the workshops of your mind

Sea of Intimacy 

 It felt like I was floating through time

Weightlessly drifting downward  gently submerged in an unidentifiable sea 
I felt I hadn’t taken a breath in weeks but I was alive and full of energy 
I felt the subtle pull of a little something and I heard a drum most reminiscent of a heart beat
As I was listening 
I sensed the presence of another being and as I turned my gaze into the depths of this nothing 
I noticed you noticing me and I swear that moment was everything
I noticed the smile you couldn’t reject I noticed your control the instant it left 
And I think you noticed that I took my first breath 
I wondered if you noticed that you were the sunset of my loneliness 
The thing most hope for 
A safe place to land
I reached out my hand for certainty
Certainly our sense of touch would be the key to a divine alchemy or
A unity that retires father time and rewards us with our eternity 
Internally we’d embark on a journey for lovers 
Deeper into what was meant to be
It would feel like we were floating through time 
Weightlessly drifting downward 
Gently submerged in a sea of intimacy 
We wouldn’t come up for air for weeks and we would offer each other our life and energy
Who knew a sunset of loneliness would invite a sunrise of vulnerability 
A beautiful serendipity from a bit of hope
A beautiful heart singing the tone of my missing note