Battle of the Sexes

Naked: devoid of concealment or disguise
Enmity: progressive, active, and typically mutual hatred or ill will
These are two words that hold men and women’s relationships at a extreme impasse. The first: naked. To be open, honest and completely transparent with one another has been replaced with deceit, manipulation and infidelity. Our relationships lack longevity, endurance, and patience because we seek too much for ourselves. Love isn’t a giving thing but a matter of what you can do for me. We ask “what do you bring to MY table?”. A person must possess something to give in order to receive another persons love. They must constantly prove themselves worthy, draining themselves of their self worth and capacity to trust to be loved. It’s that or otherwise risk being replaced by someone with a full and willing drive to try to change them into their perfect mate. A reoccurring cycle that fuels the second word. Enmity.
Men and women have turned against one another in a battle of hurt or get hurt. Deep rooted disdain for one another from constantly being subjected to the same lies, selfish pride and anger, distrust and insecurity, fear and pain. What do you turn to when you give up on love and are full of hate? Power and control of course. Wealth creates the illusion of power and we all seek it to compensate for our deficiencies in one another. Whoever has the most wins. Whoever can get the one up faster wins. Who ever lets their guard down first loses. 
Men and women are conditioned at an early age to be unproductive within the God created structure of a relationship. The things men need to have in order to love a woman correctly are stripped from them before they even get a chance to know what they are. Emotions; Little boys are burdened with pressure to suppress any emotion other than anger. They are told that men don’t cry, men don’t show weakness, and men don’t express their feelings of being hurt. At the end of mans ability to reason is anger. Men get angry and fight, they yell, they get hurt and get even. 
Our girls are damaged in ways that cripple them in their futures. They are told that boys are not to be trusted, if they pick on them it means they are pretty and boys like them. Society doesn’t tell our girls that their beauty and worth lies within the depths of their ability to influence the good things in men but instead it tells our girls their sexuality is their power. To use it to manipulate the men they don’t trust, use it to rise public fame and adoration. Society pits women against other women with envy. It tells them that the only men worth having are the ones already in relationships so go take another girls man and brag about it. Nothing is more attractive to a woman that a “faithful” man. 
Everyone is so focused on not getting hurt first. Hiding behind wall after wall, keeping themselves sheltered from their own natural feelings and needs just to have a sense of safety. We do all these things at the expense of our humanity, sacrificing the only thing that will heal the wounds that were inflicted in us long ago. Love. There are two things I repeat to myself and others who want a lasting relationship. 1. You’ll never find love hiding from pain. 2. Love done wrong may hurt for the moment but love done right heals for a lifetime. We have to learn how to love again or its gonna cost us more than it already has.