Love & Karma

If I’m to say I’ve learned anything about how to love a person I would have to say that in order to love them properly you must love them the best you can one day at a time. Today is the only day you have power over. Today would be the day to show them, today is the day you tell them, and today would be the day to give them the love you want to give them forever.

When we say “tomorrow” we take power from today. We place love on the hopeful notion that tomorrow is for certain and we have time in tomorrow. It gets easier and easier to love a person tomorrow because the output it requires is significantly less than what today demands. We focus on the gifts, the money, and the exciting plans that we have for tomorrow then forget about the priceless moments of right now. Time we will never see again squandered over the hope of something we may never get.

As love is an outward moving force, karma, is an inward moving force equal to the outward one. You reap what you sow. If you spend your day sowing love, giving love (kindness, patience, understanding, time, compassion) then you will reap love. Today is all you have and if you aren’t giving you are taking from something, somewhere. Karma is a dependent energy that we can call yesterday, simply because we don’t often see karma in play immediately and Yesterday’s forces are often manifested today. It’s dependent on how you treat others and how you treat yourself. We create our tomorrow’s from our today’s, if we are loving today we create love for ourselves tomorrow and our yesterday (karma) becomes good.

We create our own fate in love and in life with our energies. When we love with false intent we create false hope. When we live with negative thought patterns we create negative paths for our lives. Our tomorrow’s are born on pretenses we set in motion, yesterday. If you live with walls placed around you, life will not intrude, love will not reach you. If you do only for yourself, life will take its cut and love will not bless you. We get only what we have first given and always remember life gives first to you many possibilities each day.


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