He Who Finds

What is it that’s making dating so damn difficult these days? It’s as if this generation has never seen a successful relationship and all it knows how to do is satisfy selfish endeavors. It’s almost narcissistic how much this generation cares so much for itself. It’s gotten so bad I’m questioning if my brothers knowContinue reading “He Who Finds”

Foolish Pride, Silly Ego

Men in relationships can and will be saturated with their own pride and ego at various points in any relationship. These attributes are nurtured throughout childhood and hardly ever disciplined within. They are subconscious powerhouses of defense and are potentially poisonous. They are the reason men are easily swayed by challenge, insult, humiliation, and theirContinue reading “Foolish Pride, Silly Ego”

The Awful Truth

In romantic relationships we as human beings have a compelling need for what we feel as control. Being placed in vulnerable positions or feeling vulnerable leaves us uncomfortable so we do whatever it takes to have as much control over our circumstances as possible, especially when it comes to romantic relationships. Once we do allowContinue reading “The Awful Truth”

Commit To Being A Man

Commitment- “Sincere and steadfast fixity of purpose”. A man has to blatantly walk in the shoes of his responsibility, he has to commit to the role of manhood, and constantly sacrifice himself with discernment. He must understand that he will be tempted therefore he must wield restraint. This commitment is not of convenience, not inContinue reading “Commit To Being A Man”

Why Do You Hurt?

What have we done? Why have all the things that truly matter been thrown out of our hearts and trampled underfoot like trash in the ghetto? Our men are fruitless. Destroyed by the love of money and dragged along by the lusts of society. Gilded, emotional, depthless, and lazy. Their manhood whimsical at best, entertainingContinue reading “Why Do You Hurt?”