Love Sick

In the very moment I close my eyes your smile rushes to the surface of the darkness
Echoes of your laugh ring out through the noise of silence
I'm sick
I've taken I'll from your absence
I hope my cure exists in your presence
In my present condition I hunger for your connection
I thirst for your affection and I ache in places that can only be soothed by your attention
Pardon my aggression
My bleeding heart is only a symptom of this incorrigible condition
I burn internally for your energy
My dreams of you are all I have to medicate me
I have a fever measured in degrees of heartache
Boiling blood rages through me
Each beat reminds me of a much needed remedy
I fear this sickness is consuming me
My vision becomes more cloudy the more I live with this suffering
I am but a candle nearing the end of its wick
And when I burn out wonder not of where I went
Know that I was simply freed of being love sick


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