Love of My Lifetime

My heart cringes at the notion of loving another soul
Firmly planted like roots deep in the earth
Your beauty illuminates my universe
And if God can love me infinitely more than this
So small a piece of love that is my gift
O you that ignites this passion
And you who’s light I long to bask in
In me there is no depth that you do not live in
For you there is no height I would not climb
And if you need my eyes to see this then take them I’d rather love blind
I’d rather touch the beauty of my devotion than see you and feel the distance of oceans
I’d rather just listen to the fullness of love than see hollow tears spill from the wounds inside
I’d rather die than live without the love of my lifetime



I stood out on an aerie of hope
Staring over a restless sea of wonder
Crashes of lighting followed roars of thunder
My masculinity challenged by earthly obstacles yonder
Sequestered in questions doubting my ability to conquer
Was I yet a man or was I wrestling with the sins of my father
Uncertainty grew like weeds at my feet
I was at war with a dark inside of me
The battle in my mind had been wounding me for years
Was I man or boy will I die and stay right here
I decided to fight and my answer rang clear
The sea became calm and my skies became clear
I heard my fathers voice whisper in my ear
There can be no courage without the presence of fear