Queen of Kings


I knew she was a queen from the moment my eyes rested in hers
The ocean of intense flames burned deep and steadfast in her soul
Her gaze laid siege upon the walls of my castle
Burning down defenses I’d well enforced long before that moment
I knew she was aware of what she’d began
She smiled a dangerous smile
One that set me aflame
from then I was defenseless and all that I owned belonged to her
A prisoner in my own castle
Enchanted by something much more than just a woman
Her prowess of femininity she wore like a crown
Confidence adorned her like silk
She gave me a peaceful vulnerability
And as aggressive as she came her touch was more than friendly
I knew that day she existed for me
She spoke compassion into my ears
She flowed like water in my dreams
She became a strength where I was weak
She never came to dethrone a king
She became my castle to dwell and reign
She was crowed queen of this king
To forever rule and live beside me.


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