You Slept Too Long


Sometimes you sleep so long the sun in your sky has already fallen
So you stare at the moon
Countenance… Fallen
It’s just you out there nobody calling
It’s the darkest of nights and all the stars are falling
Crawling across the night like raindrops on a window
The silence loud and fearful like thunder
Makes you wonder if your still dreaming
Searching like lightning for a rod of hope
But that light you want would rather be alone
You slept too long



If by chance there are an infinite number of realities
then by truth of imagination I have already loved you forever
If time were to stand still my love would just keep running like the waters of a storm
If the sun were to refuse to shine then I would love you through the cold of night
My love would keep you warm
If in one of those realities our love said no then I probably died alone
If I were to fall in love with another then it would just be a rehearsal
The truth of my love you own
See there is no possibility that you do not belong with me
There is no reality where you aren’t
My love to be
In imagining you are love personified and I am simply a vessel to receive your shine
If realities are infinite then surely my love is also



I spent the winter trying to warm a cold heart
I tried to melt the ice with warm words I even tried to blanket it with my pride
I tried to lay with it through the chill of night
I shivered through the storm trying to keep life inside
Howling winds from spacious skies cut like blades from samurai
Resting on thin ice
Frost bitten tears welled in my eyes
I tried
To break the shell that encumbered
This treasure
A sleeping wonder in a nightmarish slumber
I misunderstood how to ignite this life
Tangible heat couldn’t meet its needs
So I relinquished the love that burned within me
And like the dawn
It began to rise
A light began to shine
it opened up like a blooming flower in springtime
Id spend the rest of time bathing in its light
Because it spent the winter bathing in mine