Glimmers In The Dark


We follow glimmers in the dark
Simple fairy tales and dreams seen from afar
The instances of joy steadfast in our hearts
The purest types of faith that create who we are
So We chase waterfalls with no worries of if we’d fall
Until we do
Right into the depths of the untouched
Falling like a star unapologetically
love burns so perfectly
We become glimmers in the dark
Intrepid lovers journeying across the night
Cascading love in amorous light
In the plight of innocence
We chase the skies
With the wings of Icarus on an
Eternal flight
From a distance we are the spark
To the Lonely eyes who follow glimmers in the dark


I Want You


I want to love you like water
Invade every part of you
Flow through you gently and wash away your worries
I want to love you like fire
Engulfing you with passions
Turning you into the purest gold to adorn
I want to love you like air
Giving you life with all that I do
Renew your endurance and help you through
I want to love you like the earth
Be your rock when You’re weak and stumble
I’ll be solid and will not crumble
I want to Love you like a queen
So that I feel like a king in your presence
I want to love you through the seasons
Be all the reasons why you hold on to love
I want you

Message In A Woman


I saw you glistening in the distance
Amongst crowds of people your light shown from an aerie
Sensations unknown to me compelled me to draw nigh
Amid the clamor of people my gaze
Remained in line
Like an angel you comforted me with your presence
You extracted things in me I never knew were present
Time seemed to freeze as I stood
Being next to you a barely noticeable song began to rise
I heard a voice singing softly
You are mine you are mine
Come out of your sleep and be mine
And with a gentle smile you looked in my eyes
In that moment I knew it was your heart singing to mine
Come out of your sleep precious child it is time