Body Language


It isn’t with your words that I know you love me
But in the depths of your eyes I see the true story
Reflections of synonymous love
Sing harmoniously
The shine in your smile whispers tenderly
its not the tone of your voice that I know your desires for me
But in the caress of your hands I hear you confess to me
Give to me generously the warmth of your touch
Even if just a little it would be just enough
It’s in the sashay of your hips and the subtle bite of your lips where I hear your sweet nothings
I’m embraced by your sensualities and comforted within your arms
It’s the way you kiss me I hear you tell me how much you’ve missed me
The time passes by when your lips are connected to me
It’s in the times when you wrap your legs around me that I know
I am yours and you’d hate to be without
Its the arch in your back and the sting in your scratch
The gaze in your eyes and the squeeze of your thighs
Intertwined in the wiles of your femininity
There is no time it feels like eternity
Internally I’m shocked by your electricity
This chemistry has bonded us mysteriously
It never was the things you said to me
But your eccentricities that captivated me
Love intrinsically soulful intimacy
It’s the body you use to speak to me
A love language no others possess
Not quite lust just less than sex
a love language of flesh to flesh
Your body language brings me rest.


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