This Was Love


good moments blind you binding your heart to love In the past
Love since gone wrong and unnoticed chip away at your confidence
Unorthodox sunspenses confuse your emotional senses
Now your afraid and you’re building emotional fences
You’re fencing against the tender warrior with your impeccable defenses
Missing out on a love that’ll elevate your senses
Senseless this defense is
The reward of vulnerability is priceless
Love is a gift without recompense
It isn’t for rent, lease, or anything to play with
These words were my sentiment
To the ones who were heartbroken and hopeless
Your plight in defending had only one ending
Absolute solitude and emotional dissonance
The reason is you tried love but when it tried you back you couldn’t handle the storm the season let in
Wondering where those blissful moments went
Has left your heart and mind on different sides of an immovable fence
Differences unsettled you
Moved you to do things you thought you’d never do
It seemed your love was incredible unshakable
The feeling it brought made you believe it was unmistakable
Bright days now eclipsed by whimsical notions of forever
An outstretched hand with nothing to hold on to
A tear scared face with no hope to look up to
The thoughts ask you where this came from
The voice of your mind whispers
This was love


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