I Used To Feel You Close To Me


The light in your eyes has vanished
What once was so brilliant now turned to a dull glimmer
I used to feel you close to me from miles away
Now I can’t reach you and you are but a few fabrics distance
Lonely is what I feel
Abandoned and unwanted as I strip myself naked to be closer to you
Further and more quiet your presence is
Purposely separating yourself from me rips me to pieces
Could my garments be the reason
You don’t love me anymore
Have I stayed clothed too long for you to be naked with me now

I sit on one side of a room full of strangers hoping you keep me company
You don’t notice me
My heart shutters at this subtle rejection
I will myself to come near you
You say no words
My presence seems to burden you somehow
I’m cut by your failure to comfort me
I’m but a man in love with a woman whose words say she loves me
I’m but a man trying to connect with a woman who refuses to connect with me

We lay here in silence like strangers sharing a lodge
I attempt to reach you but to no avail
My heart breaks and sleep evades me
Tell me God how do I renew myself in her
Tell me if this is right and I’m not wrong for reaching
I wonder what you’re thinking woman
About me about us about this
Are you even thinking about me at all

My tears fall in my spirit
Underneath my smile beneath my kind eyes
I sob from loneliness
Cries you may never notice
I am but a child in love
With no one to nurture me
My sorrow ceases not
Only when you return
Only when my love returns
I used to feel you close to me.


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