Women Are Like Wine


Fine and better with time
Women are just like wine
Born of the earth bold and beautiful
Complex entanglement much like the vine
Smooth intoxicating grip on the mind
Women are just like wine
Appropriate for the fine engagements
Fit for the most intimate arrangements
A perfect high when consumed in moderation
A despicable low when abused for gratification
Women are just like wine
Your cool mood becomes more serene
Your passion filled moments be a dream
Get close enough to smell her
Tilt her to your lips so you can taste her
Never pour more than you can handle
Be careful not to waste her
A gift to man from god
To elevate your body and mind
Yes women are just like wine


When Words Collide


When words collide the grenade goes off and fragments fly
Diminished meanings, misunderstood feelings leave dreadful endings.
words mean nothing when clashing, just plain old jibberish and time wasting.
Sounds blurred by the wrong verbal prescription produce communication annihilation engaged by stubborn fixations of needing to be right
Mental battles ensue in pursuit of the end of the lingual fight
Tongues lash at each other like dogs in a fight
resentment wounds that can’t heal overnight leave brittle word warriors to ponder what might
What words to launch next in and out of spite.
What tongue tactics to lay back with as the oppositions counter attacks miss
Miscued notions envelope mislead feelings.
the once ever repetitive and evernew “we” crushed into a complulsive so impulsive “me” and “I”
The blind word shot from the pistol of pride deflected by a sheild of ego let’s the solution hide behind the eyes
The fault is an unsolved mytery of mind but it’s launched from self to shelf so guilt is never dealt
In the end after the debri has cleared when the smoke and dust have settled notice the casulties were few
The count comes back as a total of two
Me and you



Engulfed in the cold flames of vulnerability
I gaze through the night in dreams and fantasies
Glimpses of you invade my memories
My breath shudders in your wake
Your beauty so unbalancing
Nearly terrifying are the effects of your stare
Rare are the powers of your lips
Profound and nerve shattering is just one kiss
A smile that warms me into defenselessness
In absence my thoughts of you fling me into anxiousness
At random the memory of scent stills me into a state of nervousness
Absolute gorgeousness; tantalizing
Woman take it easy on me
Relent your evasiveness
Permit me to offer you recompense
Calm this infernal blaze within
Allow me to set you aflame with the same cold embers that consume me
Set me free into your consciousness
Grant me an audience from the depths of your sustenance
Bid me mercy and take me into ecstasy

Heart Of My Heart


Plant my heart in the soils of yours
Feed it the ingredients of love your water pours
Shine bright the light of your affections
my heart sprouts life from this intrinsic connection
it’s roots to reach deep
It’s life kindred with yours
A blended sovereignty of unprecedented intimacy
Flowers bloom in each smile that you give to me
Fruits are sweetened each time u lay with me
Because my heart was born from love it beckons you with its melody
It’s rhythms seems to be your heavenly blues to be near to me
I can’t seem to see any other thing but the beauty placed in front of me
Without the light that was promised me the night falls on top of me
Stars are your word sent subliminally
I close my eyes and your cries are reflected on to me
Love soliloquy
My heart beat thumps from beneath yours
Like an echo in time I find you ever familiar
A fear rises up and I see your absence in the mirror of the moon
Your heart beats again and mine responds to remind you My love stays strong
You are flesh of my flesh bone of my bone
You are my ebb and flow my stop and start
At last my love
Heart of my heart



I have loved from the deepest caverns of my heart
Poured out my souls essence upon life’s most elusive sincerity
Gone through her struggles and enjoyed her blessings with revelry
But Here I am now pleading for just one waft of her scent
regrettably the regrets in me fear this new love next to me
The better in me battles with the lesser me and I can’t figure out if this is lesson or some form of treachery
Now I stand battered by the winds of doubt drenched by the waves of indecision trembling in the midst of vulnerability
In the full of my ability I attempt to rid my heart of this reality
I attempt an impossibility to blend my perfect heart for love with my pride free of forgiveness
For this I receive no recompense
For this I’m plunged into the precipice of confusion
In this I bare witness to the truth I’ve always felt I’ve loved you in all the pain you dealt
I’ve loved you when the hands of time would fly I’ve loved you despite the lies beneath your eyes
And now that the truth has been revealed to me my path of redemption is clear to me
I must continue fearlessly along the path for loves eternity for I am incomplete until again we meet

The Black Rose


The bitter consequences of
a love unrequited spawn the cold resentments resonating the chorus of destruction
The fatal blow manifests in romancing infidelity
advancing immature relations whisper
pain and distrust corrupt the depths of ones vulnerability
Constantly filling the cracks of broken hearts with pitiful fallacies
The substance of emotional inequity linger dreadfully
Reality perverted by strange complexities masquerading love
Inhibit the ability to function fearlessly
Defeat cascades upon your body as violently as fire engulfs a dead tree
A plea to be released from the torment of false charity
Denying the evidence you wish you ought not have seen
Now everything seems much harder to believe
Now all you do seems to leave you more empty
Longing for what seems lost
Accosted by insecurity
Irrational doubt plays its hand
An enigma surreptitiously searching
To corrupt and decay
After all is said and done the black rose is all that remains

Man On The Moon


I was the dweller of the moon
Alone I looked down lovingly upon you
I peered down into your heart
I saw your desires your most secret thoughts and felt why you cried
Suddenly the center of me came alive
It reached out across the night longing to wipe your eyes
I grimaced as the pieces of your heart scattered across the skies
I patiently collected each piece with you in mind wondering how to make your pain subside
I decided to replace your heart with mine so in time you’ll learn that
Love done wrong may hurt for the moment
But love done right heals for a lifetime
For yesterday I was just a dweller of the moon and today I’m now a man who fell from the moon and into love with you



Without consent without desire
My heart fell in my heart caught fire
Without a care without concern
My heart stayed there it felt good to feel it burn
Consumed entangled and engulfed
It craved nothing because the burn was good enough
Passion filled hypnotism
Surpassed all doubts ignored all criticism
It never mattered how far you were
I was only concerned with how you were
Which is why it was no problem to give to you
This heart of mine as a gift so true
I wish I were able to give a light to her
That always leads her right back to how we were
When I first fell in love with her
Her in love with me
We were each others celebrity
So we celebrated love for weeks
That turned to months which created years
Fears we didn’t have them
Tears we didn’t shed them
We knew all was for the better
So we got better and made it through
This was the dream I had for me and you
But I made our love a masquerade
Hid my face behind a mask
I hid my love cloaked in shade
Put it in a case and locked it up with no escape
I made sure it was in a place you’d never find
Out of side is out of mind
Now the realest truth I’ll ever know is
That your love became my greatest foe
It beat me bare down to my bone
Snatched the light right out my soul
I yearned and howled to be loosed
I feared my resort lied in a noose
The pain and aches your love gave
Sent me spiraling towards my grave
Nightmares now opress my dreams
Midnight sweats awake midbreath screams
Lonely tears full of pain and fears
Shut down my love slowed all it’s gears
The evolution of my misery
Was not a quiet profound mystery
It came ever so slow ever so prominent
I was naive it was my bed I chose to lie in it
The day you let yourself give up on us
Became the night that love crucified the trust
High upon the cross for love
No ground below no sky above
There was no knowledge of what this meant
Just the pain left over from loves abandonment
I died that moment high in suspension
A victim of the pain from loves crucifiction..



In the day I imagine myself being warmed by the sun in your smile
Playing like a child in the cool breezes of your voice
I daydream about the playground of your countenance
I wish just for a chance My hands can dance with it
Dreams of days romanced in night fashion
Songs of winter nights sing out and rejoice
Love who is wisdom stray not away from grasp
My torment let wake the feelings I’ve always had
I imagine myself being warmed by the sun in your smile
Playing like a child in the cool breezes of your voice
I day dream about the playground of your countenance
I wish just for a chance my hands can dance with it
Silence my aching heart
Claim my breath with your kiss
The desire within confined
Until moments end where fate leads us into love on fire
An endless flame spawned from embers of passion
Fed by your smile, and captured by by your lips
In the night I seek your essence
Your most intimate existence
as you exhale my life back into me I perfectly receive your charity
The night evolves as we glow in vulnerability
I imagine a song in the key of silence as heart beats welcome in reality
That I am warmed by the sun in your smile still playing in the cool breezes of your voice as my hands caress your countenance while we dance in a romance I’ll never forget

Communication: A Relationships Best Friend


Communication: the “art” of conveying messages or sending information from one source to another.

Why this is important? Because it’s a vital tool to keep others informed of necessary information. It allows people to make knowledgable decisions in circumstances that require specific information and in romantic relationships it is a necessary skill to prevent/dissolve issues that are sure to arise in relationships.

Communication is a fundamental tool that is often left behind in most relationships wether it be friendly or romantic. People are too often defeated by the fear of saying what’s necessary in order to protect themselves from being the “bad guy” rather than just speaking out on what’s right or conveying how they feel about a particular situation. People too often excercise the “ignorance is bliss philosophy” so they can have an excuse to say “well I didn’t know” to avoid accountability for the circumstance. People have an easier time saying the unnecessary things but can’t even formulate a sentence when communication is vital.

In any romantic relationship you MUST communicate the necessary things in order to have functionality and longevity.
1. Honest communication of intentions: what is the aim or goal for your relationship.
2. Active communication of issues: most of the time problems start off small, they grow bigger if not adressed. Note: some things warrant compromise
3. Communicate appreciation and reassurance: some things need to be said even if you feel you show it. It will build trust and make communicating easier when it’s something difficult to say
4.honesty honesty honesty: lies are never a good idea, mistakes are very forgivable if corrected, lies are blatant disrespect, display lack of character, destroys trust and integrity. A big No No!

Be very aware that men and women communicate in totally different ways almost as if they speak different languages. It takes a particular type of intimacy to decipher what each is saying in certain situations. For example… Men, when women are communicating their problems to you, it’s not necessarily her asking you for your expert problem solving techniques, she’s asking for your ear and understanding for comfort and compassion. Ladies a mans lack of communication isn’t always a sign of detachment from you, a man is often quiet and distanst when he is having problems that he is contemplating dillegently to solve. There is no need to chase him an make him vent to you, he’ll be back.

That’s one of men and womens major miscommunications, therefore proving why it’s necessary for men and women to be active in learning communication. Patience and understanding is key to developing communication skills aswell as familiarity with yourself in order to effectively process what’s being conveyed to you and what you need to convey to others.. Think about it